What updates have been made to the cinema in response to the pandemic?

We are doing everything in our power to make watching a movie at The Nightlight a safe and enjoyable experience:

      – Masks are recommended for guests, unless eating or drinking.

– All staff will be wearing masks and only vaccinated staff will be on the premises during open hours.

– A UVC air filtration system has been installed in our HVAC ductwork in the bar area, theater, hallway,  
and lounge. This system, combined with stand-alone filtration units in the lobby, will run 24/7 to kill any lingering air-borne viruses (like COVID-19). 

– No outside food or beverages are permitted. 

– Seating capacity will be limited 75% capacity. (Our normal capacity is 48 people). Seating is not reserved, but we ask patrons to be mindful of their proximity to others. 

– There is a contactless ticketing system. Tickets may be reserved in advance or purchased at the box office.

– New hand sanitizing systems have been installed throughout along with plexi-glass barriers in the bar area.