Turbo Kid

Turbo Kid

Director: François Simard
Running Time: 93 minutes

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Turbo Kid is everything you want in a French-Canadian post-apocalyptic ode to 1980s sci-fi, superheroes and pop culture’s most powerful entity: nostalgia.

Many of you are probably wincing at the mere mention of a post-apocalyptic story, and that’s warranted given the glut of gritty, dark YA parables are flooding theaters and book stands every week. Turbo Kid is blessedly full of light and life and heart and color, as The Kid (Degrassi‘s Munro Chambers) teams up with the impossibly cheery Apple (played by Laurence Lebouef, exuding a brand of charming that should be illegal) to battle Zeus (MICHAEL IRONSIDE ALERT!), the Wasteland’s one-eyed overlord.

It’s a delightful hodgepodge of comic book, sci-fi, coming-of-age and dystopian storytelling, crafted into a wondrously tasty B-movie chili with all the right ingredients, with SO MUCH BLOOD sprinkled on top. The movie is clever, simple and stupid, all at once, and the result is something that resurrects your childhood and imagination in a way that modern movies often can’t do. This feels like a classic Amblin movie, if that movie was made by a grown-up version of yourself that blessedly hasn’t changed a bit, set to a rollicking techno synth score.

Awesome is probably the most overused word on the internet, and I’m one of the culprits, so I’m sorry (not sorry) for saying this: Turbo Kid is awesome.

~~ Andy Greene, popinsomniacs.com