Brimstone & Glory

Brimstone & Glory

Director: Viktor Jakovleski
Running Time: 67 minutes

Goodness Gracious Great Balls Of Fire!

In his feature debut, Viktor Jakovleski has achieved that rare feat for a documentary and created a film culled from reality that makes you question whether you’re still in your theater seat. And I want to emphasize that, your theater seat; not your couch, or a subway car or wherever else you might watch things. Brimstone & Glory is an adrenaline inducing documentary, with a pulsing soundtrack that needs to be experienced on a big screen with big sound.

Brimstone & Glory immerses you in the world of Tultepec, Mexico during the town’s annual Fiesta de San Juan De Dios. The festival is a week-long pyrotechnic extravaganza, bookended by flaming towers of metal the height of radio towers and enormous painted bulls top loaded with fireworks. As you might imagine, it’s total bedlam.

Brimstone & Glory prioritizes sentiment over information, imparting upon the viewer the sensation of stupefied wonder that a child might feel seeing fireworks for the first time; because it is like redefining your whole concept of what fireworks are and can be.

But that’s not to say that it’s purely sensational; the concept of a town gripped by a tradition that it both resents and celebrates and the unmaskable emotion brought out by displays of colored sparks lend the film a depth that goes beyond merely an experiential surrogate. This is just a really unique documentary and you’d be doing yourself a disservice to not catch it in theaters. Why would you do that, don’t you love yourself? If you love yourself, see Brimstone & Glory.

~~ Arlin Golden,