Black lives matter.

At The Nightlight Cinema we are dedicated to advancing cinema and community in tandem. As part of that mission, we demand accountability for our community leaders, our government, our police, and ourselves. Institutionalized racism has torn communities apart throughout the history of our country. Unchecked acts of violence continue to create terrible stress, suffering, and unjustifiable, irreplaceable loss of life.

This theater is a space of community and radical humanism. We state unequivocally that black lives matter and black voices shall be heard and celebrated in this theater.

We believe that who is given a venue to tell stories affects the quality of a society. We look forward to bringing audiences a wealth of films to watch and reflect upon, written, directed and acted by black artists, amplifying these voices now and throughout the years to come. The Nightlight is dedicated to participating in making Akron's culture more peaceful, equitable, and free of intolerance and discrimination.

Today, please consider a donation to the Akron Urban League, whose mission is “to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Summit County, particularly African Americans, by advocating and facilitating programs that are economically and educationally transformational, impacting their lives and the lives of future generations.”

Donate to the Akron Urban League