Just Booked at The Nightlight: HUNTER GATHERER, Opens 1/13

Andre Royo of “The Wire” plays one of the most singular characters in recent indie film in this memorable, offbeat comedy.

Hunter Gatherer (2016), Opens January 13th

In this offbeat comedy, a middle-aged former convict returns to his old stomping grounds intent on winning back his dream girl, but finds things aren’t exactly as he left them.

One of the more singular characters in recent indie film, Ashley Douglas – marvelously played by Andre Royo of “The Wire” – is a man of many contradictions. Despite being unemployed and living with his mother after a stint in prison, Ashley possesses a tireless self-assurance frequently bordering on self-delusion. As Ashley tries to get his life back on track through a series of hilarious, off-kilter interactions with a band of memorable characters with whom he comes into contact, we begin to get a rare and beautiful glimpse into the world he’s been dreaming from for years. Chief among his confidants is Ashley’s friend and loyal sidekick Jeremy “Jerms” Pittman (George Sample III), a good-natured young man whose intellectual simplicity belies a startling emotional acuity. Director Joshua Locy’s low-key style and fondness for lovable outsiders recall the work of Richard Linklater and Michel Gondry, yet his debut feature has a distinctive rhythm and visual style all its own. Wandering along at a leisurely pace, Hunter Gatherer is as craftily moving as it is funny, building surprising emotional resonance as a study of friendship and redemption.

~~ Philadelphia Film Festival

Like a dog-eared Kodachrome postcard from Charles Burnett’s L.A., the story of Ashley’s daily struggle for survival is leavened with moments of surprise lyricism and a wry affection for the unlikely detail.

~~ Jon Kieran, New Orleans Film Festival