The Little Hours

The Little Hours

Director: Jeff Baena
Running Time: 90 minutes

This film had its final screening at The Nightlight on July 27, 2017.

A riotous medieval-era sex romp played with lunatic conviction by a great cast, welcome to The Little Hours.

The opening sequence is like Mean Girls: the Dark Ages years, with three bitchy nuns, Alessandra (Alison Brie), Genevra (Kate Micucci), and Fernanda (Aubrey Plaza, who also produced the film), eye-rolling over laundry duties, snarking at one another, screaming obscenities at a leering handyman. Sister Marea (Molly Shannon) and Father Tommasso (John C. Reilly) run the convent just barely. Then into this hothouse cloister comes Massetto (Dave Franco), a young guy on the run. Before he can even settle in, he is besieged by voracious nuns.

What could have been in less confident hands, a one-joke sketch becomes instead, a consistently wacko screwball comedy. Everyone in The Little Hours is dealing with enormous and urgent needs. No one is having enough sex. And even when a character has some sex, it's still not nearly enough. Who on earth would ever say, "Okay, I've had enough sex for one lifetime, thanks, I'm done"? The fact that all of this takes place in a convent just drives the point home further. It's riotous to the point of lunacy.

~~ Sheila O'Malley,