The Drowning – Exclusive NYFCS Preview

The Drowning – Exclusive NYFCS Preview

Series: New York Film Critics Series
Director: Bette Gordon
Running Time: 95 minutes

This film had its final screening at The Nightlight on May 21, 2017.

We may hunt for explanations, but this unnerving thriller forces us to remember: Evil actually exists.

Join Film Critic Shawn Levy for an advanced, pre-release screening of The Drowning with a Q&A following the screening with director Bette Gordon and stars, Josh Charles and Julia Styles.

The Drowning is the story of a forensic psychologist who is haunted by his expert witness testimony that sent a young boy to prison for a chilling murder.  When the boy later reappears in his life, he is drawn into a destructive, soul-searching reinvestigation of the case. An erotic thriller with no let up in tension, The Drowning celebrates the genre with electrifying performances. Complex, riveting and unafraid to tread deep, murky psychological waters, this is a story of shifting identities that will keep you guessing until the very end.

About the NY Film Critics Film Series: A regular series of ongoing preview screenings is established in approximately 50 selected major markets. Audiences experience all of the excitement of live Q&A sessions held in New York City, hosted by Peter Travers. The big screen events deliver 9-13 curated pre-release films per year to discerning audiences on a monthly basis. Each movie in the Screening Series is introduced live by Peter Travers. Audiences then see award contenders prior to their release followed by live, HD Q&A between Travers, audiences and talent from the films. Each piece brings the energy and VIP nature of prestigious, NYC screenings for nationwide audiences to interact with stars and directors via two way simulcast.