Glitter Tribe – Exclusive NYFCS Preview

Glitter Tribe – Exclusive NYFCS Preview

Series: New York Film Critics Series
Director: Jon Manning
Running Time: 76 minutes

This film had its final screening at The Nightlight on February 20, 2017.

Join Film Critic Shawn Levy for an advanced, pre-release screening of Glitter Tribe. He'll join in conversation with Director Jon Manning, and Key Cast Dancers as Bonus On-Screen Talk-Back Following the Film.

Finally, a documentary about REAL burlesque. Glitter Tribe is a feast for the eyes, heart and soul.

Burlesque is art. It’s life. It’s the heart and soul of the performer. It doesn’t need to follow the raw, political, sensual or beautiful traditions of the past. It can be what the performers need it to be.

Respectfully revealing, Glitter Tribe explores how and why performers got started on the burlesque trail, the demons they’ve faced and conquered, costume creation, their journeys to find their own unique stage presence… and so much more.

One of the many great triumphs of Glitter Tribe is how it gives a really diverse range of performers their voice. Burlesque isn’t just for women – it’s for anyone of any gender who want to perform their heart out. Male neo-burlesque performers offer a counterpart which explores masculinity without defining it, acknowledging and exploring stereotypes.


About the NY Film Critics Film Series: A regular series of ongoing preview screenings is established in approximately 50 selected major markets. Audiences experience all of the excitement of live Q&A sessions held in New York City, hosted by Peter Travers. The big screen events deliver 9-13 curated pre-release films per year to discerning audiences on a monthly basis. Each movie in the Screening Series is introduced live by Peter Travers. Audiences then see award contenders prior to their release followed by live, HD Q&A between Travers, audiences and talent from the films. Each piece brings the energy and VIP nature of prestigious, NYC screenings for nationwide audiences to interact with stars and directors via two way simulcast.