TVNNELS: a multimedia album release show

TVNNELS: a multimedia album release show

Presented by bluelight

Running Time: 120 minutes

This film had its final screening at The Nightlight on April 27, 2017.

This will not be an ordinary concert. This will not be a regular movie screening.

Akron's own bluelight, led by UA grad Philip Anderson, premieres its 2nd album, TVNNELS, on Thursday April 27th (9pm showtime). The Nightlight will host this one-night-only multimedia event, which will showcase live music along with original video works by Philip, Pat Childers, Mike Petrow, and more!

Prepare to be transformed by a completely immersive experience: where live music, ambient sounds, and city screeches fill the air; where 'subway performers' play between train arrivals and departures; where video elements weave in and out through the entire show to strengthen the illusion...

Backed by core bluelight members Jul Big Green (emcee), Matthew DeRubertis (bass, fx), Chris Coles (sax), and Holbrook Riles III (drums, fx), Philip will also feature a handful of musical guests, including NEO's Gretchen Pleuss and NYC's LT. Headtrip of The Karma Kids.

Tickets are $20 each and include a digital copy of the album (USB thumb drives, each containing a copy of the album that can be enjoyed on any computer with any audio player, and each able to be reused as a personal 1GB drive!).

The group will then take off for NYC where they will continue to promote the new album, performing in multiple boroughs and recording a live performance video deep in an actual subway station.

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