Bill Evans: Time Remembered

Bill Evans: Time Remembered

Director: Bruce Spiegel
Running Time: 84 minutes

This film had its final screening at The Nightlight on August 26, 2017.

The Nightlight Cinema is proud to partner with Rubber City Jazz Fest for a free screening of this captivating documentary for one night only! What was it about the music Bill Evans made—or, more appropriately, what is it about the music—that makes it so compelling?

Actually, just about everything: harmonic approach; technique and touch; authentic emotional content; strength and sensitivity. The music of Bill Evans still sounds fresh and contemporary and his influence on later generations of jazz pianists is immense and ongoing. Which raises another question: did we need a film to tell us what we already knew?

The answer, based on a recent viewing, is a resounding yes. There's much about Bill Evans that was, and is, a mystery, and the film goes into great detail to explore the facts of Evans's life while maintaining clear focus on the music. Spiegel lays the facts out chronologically, using old photos and stories from family, friends and associates both in and outside the business, as well as extant audio recordings of Evans himself that carries much poignancy throughout the film.

Eight years in the making, Bruce Spiegel's touching documentary on the life and music of the late, great, and mysterious pianist is a must-see for jazz history buffs, as well as for anyone who enjoys cool, impressionistic piano—the style Bill Evans pioneered beginning in the early 1950's and owned and expanded up to his death in 1980 at the age of 51. The categories are broad enough to include scores of listeners. Because isn't it true that, once one hears him, everyone digs Bill Evans?

~~ Peter Jurew,