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Oh man, what a beautiful weekend !! Ahhhh!

Over at the Cinematheque this weekend they are showing the new and last Bela Tarr film and its going to be phenomenal


The big other Blog is doing a nice job of letting everyone know good feature length films that are streaming on Youtube


Great series on Tree of Life


“George Clooney arrested, handcuffed, outside Sudan embassy in DC”


Cinephilia is enjoying a wonderful, global resurgence. Not that it ever disappeared.     This looks like a great new site





Weekend links: An untold tale of old Hollywood, Žižek on The Wire, more

Another week is finally coming to an end. Here are some exciting things to view and read for your weekend pleasures.


The Academy Award winning Iranian film A Separation is playing at the Cedar Lee.


After all the buzz around the new Google privacy policy, The Atlantic has an interesting article on who’s tracking you online.


. “This is the tale of a very famous Hollywood mogul and a not-so-famous movie director. In May of 1933 they embarked together on a hunting trip to Canada, but only one of them came back alive. It’s an unusual tale with an uncertain ending, and to the best of my knowledge it’s never been told before.”


Listen to Slavoj  Žižek speak about “The Wire or the clash of civilizations in one country


Garudoh is the 500-plus video channel of the music of video games. Obsessive chronicle of music from the home console machines from early Nintendo to later PC titles.


Weekend Reading: Kubrick, Godard, Ghibli

–  The Secret World of Arrietty is all the rage and is playing in theaters nationwide. Looks good!


–  “Over the course of the 34 years they worked together, until the filmmaker died in 1999, Stanley Kubrick and his personal assistant, Tony Frewin, kept an ever-growing, lighthearted list of potential movie titles that they called, ‘Titles in search of a script.'”


– Open Access articles examining the issues surrounding the teaching of Alan Moore’s comics/graphic novels


– Film Studies for free! Open Access Film E-books List


– Godard at his most Marxist, didactic & academic: “British Sounds” from 1970


– This is playing at the Cleveland Cinematheque this weekend:


Weekend reading: Tarr, Hitchcock, Marker, more

Hello everyone and welcome to the weekend. Here are some good articles and videos to sink your teeth into.


– Long audio interview with Hitchcock and Truffaut.


– Great essay by a writer everyone should keep their eye out for: “It has never made much sense to speak of the cinema as capable of being alive or dead.”


– Cannes artistic director Thierry Frémaux on the future of film festivals.


– “It might be inaccurate to say the release of Bela Tarr’s The Turin Horse marks the end the Hungarian director’s career. Rather, Tarr has reached the conclusion of one stage and the beginning of another. With the release of his tenth feature, Tarr has made it clear that he’s through with making movies; now, he wants to focus his energy on teaching others how to make them.”


– Great PBS piece centered around Chris Marker’s quote, “I do not know how those who do not film remember.”


– This is maybe only a little connected to media but I think it is still fascinating. Technology has replaced memory: The first World War has now dissapeared from living memory.



Weekend reading and viewing

Here is another weekend’s worth of things to catch up on.

Don’t miss the new David Cronenberg film A Dangerous Method. It has been on a lot of top ten lists this year and is playing at the Cedar Lee.


-Here is an interview with Cronenberg


-Cinephilia + felinophilia = Genius!! CATS ON FILM


-The New York Public Library has a great new online showcase of what’s called “wiggle stereoscopy”. It sounds like an operation your cat has at the vets, but it lets you view a 3D scene in a web browser without needing special glasses. I’d love to see a tutorial in how to make these with iClone’s 3D capabilities, with the minimum wiggle for the maximum 3D effect…


-Here is a really great video of Woody Allen talking about his typewriter


-Also this weekend the Cleveland Cinematheque is showing a film by the late Raoul Ruiz. It seems like he is new essential viewing.

Have a great weekend! – Tim

Weekend reading and viewing

Now that the long week is over, here are some things to kick back and enjoy.

The young and exciting film critic Ignatiy Vishnevetsky is doing a series on Mubi on Robert Bresson. Really good stuff; he is a writer to be on the lookout for.

The Oscar front-runner The Artist is playing in Montrose now.

Also playing, at the Cedar Lee, is the critically acclaimed new movie by Steve McQueen, Shame. Definitely worth checking out. But be warned about its graphic sexual imagery. Not for everybody.

Godzilla is getting the Criterion treatment.

Breaking the fourth wall.

Oh man, digital humanities has a wikipedia entry!

Two Canadian teenagers have sent a Lego man into the outer reaches of the Earth’s atmosphere using a home-stitched parachute and equipment found on Craigslist. And videoed it!

And finally, Sight & Sound‘s review of The Descendents.  Also now playing in Akron.

Have a great weekend everyone!   – Tim










Notes from Pixel Mix meetup

It was great to see everyone at the Pixel Mix: Animation & Motion Graphics meetup. Here are some quick notes and links to some examples of the topics the we brought up.

-We had some discussion on typography animation (clip NSFW)

-Introduced ourselves to 3d projection mapping by viewing this great short doc on the designers of Amon Tobin’s stage performances.

-Talked about early animation techniques. Here is some Winsor McCay.

-Then finished off the evening dreaming a little bit about the future with 3d printing.

Thanks everyone for coming! See you next time  – Tim

Festival films make year-end lists

To round out the end of the year here are some films from the 2011 festival that have made it on some very nice end of the year lists.


Dragonslayer – Dir. Tristan Patterson: This film came in #14 on the Tiny Mix Tapes list


The Color Wheel – Dir. Alex Ross Perry: The Film Comment list of unreleased films is an excellent indicator of films and filmmakers who will be making an impact in the coming year. The Color Wheel came in 12th place.